William Schmidt

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United States


Human factors engineer with over 25 years experience researching complex human-machine interactions. Over 10 years spent working on military systems, including NORAD radar systems, US and NATO AWACS, Icelandic Air Defense System, and the AEGIS system for the US Navy. Also developed ecommerce applications for such fortune 100 companies as Microsoft, Comcast, BP, and Lincoln Financial, Astra Zeneca and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Specialized in control room displays for utilities like PJM and National Grid UK Gas and Electric. Also an experienced New Product Development (NPD) researcher, with experience in medical education, electronic health records, high value medicine, and advanced technologies such as AI, ML, big data, and augmented reality.

My current work at NISC focuses on complex software for utilities and telecommunications companies, focusing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart grids, outage management, and operator situational awareness.