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    Posted 10-01-2022 19:21
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    Hi Everybody,

    Attached is a revision of the COTG handbook that was compiled by former and current COTG leadership. There are a number of minor changes, but the major ones do the following:

    • Remove newsletter requirements and establish official communications using the communities or other electronics resources
    • Revise TG membership requirements from 150 to 75
    • Provide a list of activities to help TGs engage with their membership:
      • Special annual meeting programs
      • Conferences (other than the annual meeting)
      • Membership surveys
      • Membership drives
      • Publications
      • Webinars
    • Simplify COTG committee requirements (there were a bunch of these with different membership requirements with out-of-date HF positions being part of committees, often in non-voting roles). The new descriptions assign committee roles to the COTG chair and the Chair Elect

    I plan to discuss the changes at the COTG business meeting.

    Comments, corrections, and questions are welcome.

    Matthew Bolton
    HFES COTG Chair
    Associate Professor
    Systems Engineering
    University of Virginia

    Matthew Bolton
    Charlottesville VA


    2022_TG_handbook_r0.docx   340 KB 1 version