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Introducing New OETG Leadership

  • 1.  Introducing New OETG Leadership

    Posted 12-05-2022 15:16
    Dear All:

    I am happy to announce the new OETG leadership for the 2023-2024 term. They are:

    Chair --  Dr. Divya Srinivasan, Clemson University
    Program Chair --  Dr. Leia Stirling, University of Michigan
    Program Chair (Designate) --  Thomas S. Rowell, Ergonomics Consultant
    Newsletter Editor --  Dr. Yadrianna Acosta-Sojo, Auburn University

    We also had a successful webinar session today, welcoming the new committee and discussing ideas to revamp the OETG society as a whole. If you are interested, you can watch it at the following video link:

    Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing

    Please join me in congratulating and welcoming the new OETG leadership.

    I wish them my best!

    Thank you, and have a good rest of the day!

    Suman Chowdhury (Immediate Past OETG Chair)

    Suman Chowdhury PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Lubbock TX