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The HUMAN PERFORMANCE MODELING TECHNICAL GROUP The Human Performance Modeling Technical Group focuses on the development and application of predictive, reliable, and executable quantitative models of human performance. In distinction to other approaches to behavioral and cognitive modeling, human performance modeling considers the human, engaged in some goal-directed behavior, in the context of a designed task environment.

HPM Workshop at 2024 HFES/Aspire by Yili Liu

  • 1.  HPM Workshop at 2024 HFES/Aspire by Yili Liu

    Posted 30 days ago

    Dear HPMer's,

    Greetings! At the 2024 HFES/ASPIRE Conference, on Monday 9/9/2024, I will offer a 1-day Workshop on Integrative HPM with the Queuing Network (QN) Architecture, in conjunction with related Methods (AI, ML, Optimization, etc.) and related Models (MHP, ACT-R, Diffusion/Random Walk, NSEEV, etc.). 

    I will introduce a Coherent Family of 7 +/+ 2 (not +/- 2) "QN Siblings." They all speak the QN language and adopt the QN perspective, but each brings its own valuable Non-QN partners (AI, ML, etc.) to the family functions. The 7 current QN siblings include QN-RT, QN-RT-Accuracy, QN-MHP, QN-ACT-R, QN-MBS (Mind-Body-System), QN-Neural, and QN-MHM (Multiple-Humans-Machines). The +/+2 siblings-to-come (in various stages of incubation) include QN-ACES, QN-Control (classical frequency domain and modern time domain), QN-NSEEV, and QN-"You-Guess?". I will cover the rationale, theories, applications, and Python software (open-source) of this QN family for Integrative HPM.  For details, please see Aspire Online Program.

    Thank you for reading this message, and best regards,

    Yili Liu, Ph.D.
    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
    Director of Center for Ergonomics
    Dept of Industrial and Operations Engineering
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA


    Yili Liu
    Ann Arbor MI