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We are dedicated to celebrating diversity within the society, specifically by creating an informal setting where issues related to women can be discussed. In doing this, we aim to facilitate networks where mentorship and networking with women of the society can occur so that future leaders receive the development they need.

HFEWOMAN Leadership Position Nominations!

  • 1.  HFEWOMAN Leadership Position Nominations!

    Posted 03-04-2024 20:08

    Dear HFES Woman's Group Members,

    We are accepting nominations to fill three core officer positions within the HFE Women's Organization for Mentoring and Networking (HFE WOMAN).

    The group has openings for 3 of our core officer positions:  HFE WOMAN Chair, Events Chair, and Web Content Chair. To fill these positions, we are asking for nominations with elections to follow.

    Who can nominate?
    Anyone who is engaged in the HFE WOMAN community and/or the larger HFES community may nominate or participate in election process.

    Who can be nominated? 
    Most positions are available to all levels of HFES membership. Please see the nomination form for additional detail.
    Nominations are open between now and April 15th, 2024.

    Follow the link here to input your nomination(s) by the April 15th deadline (membership type restrictions may apply)
    Leadership Role Details:
    The Chair Elect is the HFE WOMAN chair in training. This role is a 2 year commitment where the Chair Elect learns the roles and responsibilities of the Chair in the 1st year in order to transition to the position of the HFE WOMAN Chair the next year. 
    This role requires attendance at regular meetings, coordinating with subcommittee chairs, and ensuring a functional infrastructure for the group and its overall operations. This position requires working with HFE National as this is a primary source of support for the group financially and socially. This person works with the group to complete and submit reports to HF National, estimate budgetary needs, assist in creating HFES conference events, identify needs both within the group as well as external to the group, and balance resources (including time). This person also helps the Chair lead meetings among the subcommittee chairs. 
    The Events Chair position works closely with the HFE WOMAN Chair and associated committees to oversee the organization and execution of the HFE WOMAN luncheon and other activities throughout the year. This includes leading a committee on the selection of an appropriate venue, coordinating with HFE National, and orchestrating the annual luncheon program and other events throughout the year (e.g., online webinars, etc.). This role requires a two year commitment.
    The Web Content Chair manages the Internet and associated media, including social media outreach, blog development, web content management, and media storage and development. This role requires a two year commitment.
    If you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to contact me at my email in the signature line below. 

    Heather C. Lum, Ph.D.
    HFEWOMAN Chair
    Assistant Professor
    Arizona State University