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Announcements and Agenda for COTG Mid-Year Meeting

  • 1.  Announcements and Agenda for COTG Mid-Year Meeting

    Posted 04-26-2020 15:35
    Hello TG Chairs,

    Hope this finds you and your families healthy and adjusting to our new way of life.  I have three announcements.

    1) The proposed Human AI Robot Teaming (HART) TG has been approved and Lixiao Huang is serving as the first TG Chair.

    2) Reminders:
    • Please try to routinely (weekly) feed your community forums with topics for discussion. 
    • Elections for new officers need to be held this summer and are required to be completed by the time of the next annual meeting. To have time for the entire process it is probably good to start asking for nominations in May.  HFES can assist with ballots if you like, contact Lauren Taggart.
    • A new HFES website and database will be rolling out in Q3 and Q4.  TGs will have a higher profile on the new site and a FAQ page on the main TG page can be provided.  This will be discussed further at the mid-year COTG meeting.

    3) It is time for a mid-year COTG meeting as was discussed at the Annual Meeting in Oct.  I hope that you are all planning to attend the Mid-Year COTG Meeting this Thurs, April 30, at 1 pm EDT on zoom.  Here is the proposed agenda for the meeting with a placeholder at the end for anything else you would like to bring before the COTG.

    • Communications with TG members - how is this going?  has it improved?  Lauren, Steve and Denis, from SmithBucklin I/T, will be joining us to learn more about what is working and what is not. 
    • New HFES website and database - what do you want to know?  Lauren, Steve, and Denis will be available to answer your questions.
    • TG Handbook and HFES Operating Rules Update Committee - looking for additional members and/or suggestions for additional changes (see previous post with marked up Handbook and ORs)
    • Central repository for TG Dimensions
      • Elected officers
      • Appointed officers
      • Awards given
      • Events
      • Other items
    • Other topics from members

    Hope to talk with you this coming Thurs,

    Jennifer Ockerman
    Principal Professional Staff
    Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
    Laurel MD