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IMPORTANT: Request to HFES TG chairs: Standards Implementation Task Force

  • 1.  IMPORTANT: Request to HFES TG chairs: Standards Implementation Task Force

    Posted 03-11-2022 15:54

    Hi Everybody,

    I wanted follow up with everybody concerning the standards implementation task force request that we discussed in the last COTG business meeting. 

    The COTG is coordinating with the Standards Implementation Task Force [with full support of the executive council and society's president] to help gather information about the ability of the HFES community to find standards relevant to publications. Note that this effort is only meant to gather information about how doable it is to find standard for different HFES TG areas.

    To support this inquiry, we are asking each TG chair to have at least one person in your TG find at least two papers from HFES publications (the HFES Proceedings or any of the society's journals). This person/reviewer can be you, someone who volunteers, or someone you delegate. One of the papers should concern the topic of the responding TG and be the expertise of the reviewer. The other paper should be outside of the TG and outside of the reviewer's expertise (so, for example, the paper would be from a TG the reviewer would be unlikely to join). Then, using provided materials as a guide (see, the reviewer should find standard practice documents (standards, best practices, guidelines, etc.) that are relevant to each of the two HFES papers. The reviewer should then use the provided Google form (also at to report the information found for each paper. There should be one form submission for each paper reviewed. The goal is to have every TG complete this activity by Monday April 11th. Expect email and phone call follow ups if the submission date is not met. 

    As per the feedback I received at the COTG business meeting, I have made the following changes to the submission form:

    • I added a comment field that allows you to provide any additional information you would like about the process or your submission
    • I added the ability to let you rate your experience working with standards on a 5-point scale

    Finally, because of concerns by some TG chairs, we have schedule two meetings with Paul Green (who is leading this effort) to answer your questions. These will be held at the following time (calendar entries are attached):

    Please do have a look at the Google form and feel free to contact me (Matthew Bolton; or Paul Green ( if you have any questions.

    Please support this effort so that feedback from your TG's perspective can be included in the executive council discussions that are happening around this subject. 

    Thank you so much for your help! Special thanks to the training TG who completed their submissions after the initial request. 

    Matthew Bolton
    COTG Chair

    Matthew Bolton
    Buffalo NY